Today, many business people don’t work for major corporations with sophisticated network management tools which manage their computers for them. It either works or it doesn’t. Never mind the hassles of working at home then the office or even between high speed home and dialup on the road or hotel connections.

Along came WiFi Hotspots. Now you can get your email virtually anywhere. Home, office, coffee shops, most hotels and even at some of the highway gas stations. You simply connect and sync. And it’s not just business people any more. College students move between networks in their dorms, coffee spots, and home (never mind a job). Lots of people travel with their computers to stay in touch with family too. All of these suffer from the same problem.

You used to be able to simply connect anywhere, and send & receive mail. However, due to spam, most ISP’s have changed how their sending mail servers aka SMTP servers work. If you are connected to your own network, it usually works. If you’re away from your network at a hotspot or elsewhere, it stops sending. It fails because the servers don’t allow mail relay any more.

The SMTP Spotter solves those problems. Simply put, it figures out your current network, then lists the available servers. If you’ve configured for automatic assigning, you’re done. Alternatively, pick one and assign it manually. You are ready to send mail. It takes seconds only each time you change networks.

Installation Notes

It has been tested on Windows 98, ME, 2000 Pro, XP Home and XP Pro.

It works on all releases of Outlook Express. It works on Outlook 97 and Outlook 2000. Due to encryption used by Outlook XP and 2003, you can only use this manually, not in an automated mode like Outlook Express and pre-XP releases of Outlook.

Simply download the installer from the link below and run it. It works for 30 days before you must register it.

Usage Notes

After installation, with your email program closed, open SMTP Spotter. On the first run, decide if you want to automatically configure each time or manually. By default, the first SMTP server is selected. Click Assign and you’re done. Close the program. Open your email.

Next time you change locations, before you send mail, with the email closed, open the application. If it’s automatically configured, simply close it after it opens. If manual configuration is desired, click the Assign button. close the application.

If you find that a chosen SMTP server is unable to send messages (it does happen occasionally), close your email program. Reopen SMTP Spotter, and choose the next available server. Usually 2 or 3 are available. Close and reopen your email; now the email should send. On the rare situation a server is not available, you’ll have to wait until the next time you connect to another network to send mail.

Download & Purchasing Info

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Can’t Install Permanent Key

This occurs when the program has expired and doesn’t offer you the option to install your permanent key. To fix it, follow the instructions below:


Find the SMTP Spotter program icon (usually on your desktop). Right click on the SMTP Spotter icon, choose properties. In the command line it uses to start, at the far right side, put a space then the word “REGISTER” without quotes. It should look like the following line. Note the location of the quote symbols. If you installed it in something other than the default path, adjust accordingly.

“C:ProgrammerSMTP Spottersmtp_spotter.exe” REGISTER

Click OK to close the window. Start the program. It should prompt for the key. Again, right click on the SMTP Spotter icon, choose properties. Remove the word “REGISTER”. Click OK to close the window. The program should start normally again.


Misc Stuff

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