All you’ve heard about lately is spyware and hacking on your systems. What can you do about it? Spyware software is finally starting to evolve. Today, most of it functions much like virus scanners did 10 years ago. You installed it. You ran it periodically. You removed what you found. Two highly recommended free packages are AdAware by Lavasoft and Spybot, Search and Destroy by PepiMK Software. Both AdAware and Spyware are designed like that. Tragically, both packages are needed since neither one covers 100%. Microsoft has updated their Defender package which is free but recommended only for newer computers because of it uses a lot of resources. Again, having it is not a 100% solution either. Moving forward however, like virus scanning, spyware scanning needs to be a continuous activity. There are a few products out there. I’ll start by listing the one I get a commission from, followed by a couple of others I can also recommend (but haven’t figured how to get a commission from yet). Sunbelt’s CounterSpy WebRoot’s SpySweeper PestPatrol

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