There are numerous support options with some of the most common here. Since you’re reading this page, it’s assumed you have internet access already working

Remote Access

We’ve long used LogMeIn for our support.  It provides secure access to your system.

If we’ve worked on your system in the past, it’s possible we’ve installed LogMeIn remote access software. Look down on your tray in the lower right corner for a blue square icon with a series of dots arcing through the icon. If it doesn’t have a red X on it, it’s possible we may be able to log in through that if we manage the account or you grant us access to one you’ve set up.

If it is not, we’ve provided a download to install the control program on your computer.  Download and install the program.

Get LMI Remote here.

Help Desk Ticket System

All activity we perform now will be logged via our trouble ticket system. It will allow better tracking of data and tasks. Feel free to iniitiate a ticket or give us a call and we’ll initiate one.

Open/Review A Troubleticket


We can respond on-site to issues if needed though this is often the slowest access method due to availability. Call for more info at 905.381.0077

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