We specialize in database driven content oriented sites using the Joomla platform for most of our sites.  If you like the look of this site, it’s a classic example of what can be done with Joomla.

Many web service providers claim results based on buying key words.  Yes, that will get you sponsored results but not the search results.  Anyone can claim to get you in the top 5 or top 10 on a search engine.  Years ago, we would have agreed.  Today, it’s as much a black art as a science.  Many factors come into play and it’s way beyond keywords.  Other factors like credibility and valid links from other sites play much larger roles now than they used to.  Keyword spamming sites actually hurt you too.  The challenge now is to make a site that is search engine friendly, user readable and user searchable.  A balancing act indeed. 

If someone claims to guarantee a position, the only guarantee is they want your money.  If you don’t believe it, do a little research on Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it’s known in the industry.  That said, a skilled person can show you how to increase your ranking in the search engines, but guarantee…sorry, it doesn’t exist.  

Half of the work is in the web site itself, the other half you can’t directly control but you can influence some of it.  Combined, you can get better results.  Let us show you how. 


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