Wireless is the second most common cause of compromises to networks today, next to email.  For the sake of your network and data, it’s worth protecting.

Desktop Solution Center (DSC) can provide secure robust wireless for commercial, industrial and residential applications for 300 to 30,000 sq ft.

In today’s environment, for both home and office, applications such as streaming video (including YouTube) as well as VoIP, camera systems and a number of other uses, robust and reliable wireless have become expected yet rarely does it work as people expect for most of the “out of the box” solutions that are out there.  We can solve that.  Let us show you that you can have as you expect.

For small businesses, we can also do guest portals or guest access environments protecting your network from malicious activity, with centralized control even for multiple locations

DSC also has solutions to extend wireless between buildings be that multiple buildings in the same city, warehouse and main office or house and garage/workshop, up to a several of miles apart in most cases.

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